Jeweller by Nature

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The Brand

Dead Nature…Alive is the dream of Adriana Guelfi Herrera…the artist that loved Nature as from a child: jacaranda flowers lying fallen on a carpet of grass, evening sunsets and twighlight in the countryside, shooting stars and sea-foam…all a never ending source of fascination.

The Collection

Dead Nature…Alive is an ecosystem composed of small collections inspired by Nature. Some of them are born from dead elements from Nature; others vibrate with the life colours  of  incredible flowers. In this cycle in which life dies… only to be reborn and live again… we can appreciate the magic and wonder of creation.
The pieces that compose the collection were hand- forged by the artist in her atelier, a sunny and luminous space surrounded by trees. Here she enjoys creating Nature`s Jewels. Each one contains a small part of her, they are born of her essence…of her love of detail… and they in turn will become part of the essence of each person that chooses them.