Jewellery Designer/ Handcrafter

Founder of Adriana Guelfi Herrera: Jeweller by Nature /2016

Urban/ Autoría/ Buenos Aires/ Oct 2014
Nature Dead... Alive / Gallery 6280/ Montevideo/ Sept 2016

Flur Market Launch/ Leading Designer/ Montevideo/ March 2017

Winner “Designers Pop Up”/ Punta Carretas Shopping/ Montevideo/ Sept 2018

Winner “MoWeek-MIEM”/ Montevideo Fashion Week/ Montevideo/ Oct 2018

Atelier Agathe St. Girons/ París / Nov 2017
María Medici Jewellery Design School/ Buenos Aires/ March 2012 to Dec 2014 Atelier

Atelier Gastón Zina/ Montevideo/ 2008 to 2011

Adriana Guelfi Herrera is the dream of an artist

who sought to translate the magic of Nature’s life cycles into her jewels.

Born of a conscious search within Nature,

each piece - mostly one of a kind - is handcrafted by the artist.

Our jewellery pieces are Sterling silver, bronze, gold-plated, leather, wool,

semiprecious and native stones, of extreme quality and craftsmanship.

Our packaging is handmade,

from the hand-dyed cloth of our bags to the boxes made of native wood.